From Stevan’s record label, Sugo Music Group:

Stevan Pasero is recognized worldwide as a prolific contributor to the guitar repertoire and instructional fields for the past three decades. He has transcribed numerous symphonic works and composed over 1000 pieces for solo, duo and various ensembles. Mr. Pasero is noted for his creative arranging and orchestration style as well as in-depth transcription and improvisatory skills. He is one of a few guitarists to record in several music idioms successfully, bridging both classical, jazz and world markets. His music is found in 125 countries worldwide and his tracks are featured on 1000 music albums. In addition, Stevan has produced over 2500 masters for other musicians in his recording studio (Granada Studios in Half Moon Bay, CA) as well as other studios around the world. He was the Executive Producer for National Geographic’s ”Music From Around the World Series” (24 albums).

Fans and critics say that Stevan Pasero is one of the music world’s best kept secrets, even though his CDs have sold cumulatively more than 15 million copies around the globe. He is also the founder of SUGO Music Group (global music distributor – www.sugomusic.com) and two music publishing companies located in San Francisco, CA.

Critics have consistently praised Pasero’s releases and performances for years: “Some of the greatest guitar music of all time” – KKHI/San Francisco,CA; “Amazing forte and musicianship” – GAVIN REPORT; “One of my favorite artists to listen to!” – CD REVIEW.

In bending the classical form, he created a burgeoning cult following in the 90’s with such albums as Guitar Heartsongs, Guitar Masterpieces, Seasons, Christmas Classics for Guitar, and Songs for the Wild. His groundbreaking transcription of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite for Guitar in 1985 was the first time such a feat had ever been documented.

Stevan attended San Francisco State University where he studied musical analysis, harmony, and composition, which led to some postgraduate work in transcription. “Transcribing orchestra works for guitar presents challenges, yet opportunities,” he recounts. “Consolidating numerous orchestral instruments to six guitar strings is intriguing. Then, after transcribing the piece, many times it needs to be transposed to a more applicable guitar key. The process can be tedious, yet fun and exhilarating, as the work comes to life and takes form”.

In 2009, Sugo Music released Jambossa, featuring the Stevan Pasero Trio. Stevan arranged some of his favorite standards and performed them live in the studio with his trio. In 2011, Stevan released Twelve Shades of Night – written in 12 months, recorded in 12 weeks, mixed in 12 days, and was inspired by the 12 hours of night. This new album of original compositions integrates Stevan’s love of Brazilian, Spanish & American music along with bossa nova, rhumba, flamenco, classical and jazz styles. “Guitar virtuoso, Stevan Pasero releases another outstanding album, overflowing with brilliant compositions, intense precision; a spectacular collection of instrumental guitar music”! – RadioIndy.com

Stevan is currently finishing a collection of 12 new singles for solo guitar (click below to listen on iTunes):