Is the site secure? Is my PayPal payment or credit card secure?

Yes the site is a Professional Merchant site and is secured and Powered by PayPal. When you checkout, the processing is done by PayPal, which is recognized as the most secure e-commerce system around the world. Paying with PayPal or with a credit card through PayPal is secure and fast.

I do not have a PayPal account. Can I pay with a credit card or debit card?

Yes. Simply proceed to checkout and pay with a credit card or debit card through PayPal. All payment is processed through PayPal so you are ensured 100% guaranteed security. Through PayPal secured processing, you will fill in your credit or debit card info, name, etc. and checkout. It’s 100% safe, secure and guaranteed! The processing is not done on Stevan’s site; it is done exclusively through PayPal, so none of your information is stored or available once your purchase is completed.

Do I have to download my purchased sheet music right away or can I download my sheet music later?

Although we recommend downloading your sheet music immediately after purchase (from our website), you can always return to our website later on, log in to your account and download the sheet music at a later date (make sure you create an account on our site to do so!).

Why can’t I view the entire sheet music before buying?

Copyright laws and distribution regulations and guidelines recommend that we only show a sample page of the product.

Will the sheet music be saved on my computer or in my account on your website?

Both! You can view and download your sheet music from our site and you can save and print your purchased music from your computer.

What software do I need to download my purchased sheet music?

You do not need any software to download music from our site. Once you purchase the sheet music product(s), you will be able to immediately download the sheet music from our website. Then you’ll be able to open the sheet music on your computer and print from your own computer and printer. It’s easy!

Can I just print the sheet music directly from your website?

No. It is easier and more reliable when you download the purchased sheet music from our website, then open it (it is a standard PDF document) and print from your computer.

What type of file or document will I be downloading?

All of our sheet music are PDF documents and are easy to print. Some of the sheet music may be multiple pages. The benefit of downloading and printing PDFs is that all the pages are contained in one document. All computers are equipped with Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent. Just double click the PDF and it will open and then you’ll be able to view and print. If a free MP3 is included with your purchase (most of Stevan’s sheet music comes with a free MP3), then you’ll be able to also download a free MP3 of the song and you’ll be able to listen to it on any device.

Do I get a free MP3 for all of Stevan’s sheet music?

Yes, you will receive a free MP3 for any sheet music that Stevan has already recorded, which is most, if not all! The exception is “Lessons” sheet music. Stevan’s Lessons (e.g. scales, arpeggios, etc.) are not currently recorded and thus no MP3 is available at this time.

How many pages are there for each product?

On each product page, near the top of the page, you’ll see the # of pages listed. Some sheet music scores will be 5 pages and some sheet music lessons may be 25 pages. All page amounts are listed. When you download any sheet music, it will be one complete PDF file containing all pages in the product, and you’ll be able to save and print all the pages.

Why is the sheet music too small or too big when I print it from my computer?

It’s because of your printer settings. You will need to adjust your printer settings to print the page at normal size: 8.5” x 11”. It’s best that you print at 100% size and do not reduce or increase size of the product.

My music printed out blurry and/or with some fuzzy color. How can I fix this?

You will need to adjust your printer settings to print the page using black ink or grayscale only. It’s best that you do not print any black and white document in color because sometimes it may not print clearly.


Can I purchase multiple sheet music products from the site and download them all to my computer?

Yes, there is a shopping cart on the site. You can see the shopping cart icon in the top right corner of each website page. Simply add products to the cart and they will all be there when you checkout. If you wish to delete any of them during check, simply delete them from the cart and update the cart. Once purchased, you’ll then be able to download one at a time to your computer!

What happens if something goes wrong and I cannot download my purchased sheet music?

Although this has never happened on Stevan’s site so far, you will be fully protected and taken care of. Simply email us at SheetMusic@StevanPasero.com and we will get right back to you with a satisfactory solution or answer with 24 hours!

How do I get a Guitar Lesson from Stevan?

It’s easy. Just contact Stevan at SheetMusic@StevanPasero.com and he’ll get right back to you. All you need is SKYPE (which is free) and a video cam (you can get one of these for as little as $20 from most stores and sites), and you are ready to go! No matter where you live in the world, you’ll be able to take a Lesson with Stevan, ask all your questions, get all the answers, and review any of his lessons, songs, arrangements or any of your repertoire you are working on. Stevan is known throughout the world as an exceptional one-on-one instructor and will be able to provide quick solutions, guidance and specific instruction for your guitar playing. He has taught thousands of students with excellent results! The cost of the lesson is US$95.00 for 1.25 hours and is paid through PayPal.

Can I send or share Stevan’s sheet music with anyone else?

No. This is illegal. Think about it for a second. Professional artists spend thousands of hours studying and honing their artistry. They’ve paid a lot of money for education, instructors, materials, typesetting, recording studios, travel, and instruments through the years. Most musicians do not make enough money to get buy, even some virtuosos can’t make ends meet. The sheet music on the site is very well priced and contains an immense amount of information, instruction and resources. If you like what Stevan is doing here, he would greatly appreciate it if you tell a friend, send a link, mention it on Twitter or Facebook, and email other guitarists. This allows artists like Stevan to continue their work, record their music, and share their amazing artwork and instruction with you and music communities around the world. Thank you.