Beginner’s Graded Series: 20 Songs in C Major/A Minor

ByStevan Pasero


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About This Series

The Beginner’s Graded Series explores an array of student repertoire and preparatory reading exercises. This series features 20 beautiful, melodic and inspiring songs written by forefathers of the classical guitar—Ferdinando Carulli, Fernando Sor, Matteo Carcassi, Mauro Giulliani, and more—and are prerequisite repertoire for all beginning students. This first collection features songs in the key of C Major and its relative minor, A Minor. The benefit of reading and practicing a group of songs in one key is that you’ll be able to learn the fundamental chord progressions, harmonies and fingerings relevant to that specific key.

The Beginner’s Graded Series, C Major and A Minor, Vol. 1, is divided into two sections: 10 Warm-up Reading Exercises and 20 Graded Songs. The 10 Warm-up Exercises will do exactly that: warm up your fingers and mind. These exercises are short and concise, yet will systematically graduate students through single notes, two-notes, chords, arpeggios, rhythms and time signatures—thus preparing the student for the 20 songs in this collection.

These 20 songs were selected to provide a balanced set of short works which demonstrate fundamental finger movements for C Major (and A Minor) repertoire in the 1st position (and they are fun to play!). Yes, these are simple songs, yet several of these pieces can also be performed—if played with expression and effective technique. Remember that a gifted player can weave a handful of notes into a beautiful, memorable song!

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